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If you want to automate the process of buying or selling cryptocurrency entirely, then use WealthyBot. This bot became available to traders relatively recently. It was developed in 2021 by Wealthybot Limited, on which very little information has been provided. Despite this feature, the trading robot has become popular among users, and it is actively used not only by beginners but also by experienced traders.

WealthyBot works quite simply. It gets access to your account on the exchange and automatically conducts operations with cryptocurrency. All actions of the bot occur instantly. This allows it to respond quickly to changes in the market, thereby opening and closing transactions in time. This reduces financial losses and increases profits.

An essential factor in WealthyBot's popularity is the lack of usage fees. This eliminates the need to select a subscription option and deposit funds before the robot starts operating. At the same time, it should be noted that the company does not remain at a loss. It automatically charges 20% of your profits.

Features of use

WealthyBot is rightfully considered one of the best Forex bots. It makes it possible to automate cryptocurrency trading and does not require high financial costs from the trader. At the same time, it helps to reduce the percentage of unsuccessful transactions and increase the user's income.

Bot usage steps:

  1. Before you start trading with the bot, you must go through a simple registration procedure on the developer's official website. To do this, you should have an email, know the phone number and create a complex password.
  2. Create an account on the crypto exchange you will use on the crypto exchange website. If it already exists, then log into your account. In it, you get an API key and save it.
  3. Next, in the WealthyBot account, find the settings menu, where you select the "Exchanges" item. The inscription "Add exchange» is located to the center's right. Click on it and enter the previously obtained API key in the window that opens.
  4. The next step is to buy credits on WealthyBot. Cryptocurrency is used to carry out the transaction. In the future, the bot will use these credits to charge a commission.
  5. Fund your account with real money and create a WealthyBot live trader in your account. Then fill in the empty fields. They indicate the selected exchange, market, and other information.
  6. At the very end, save the settings and activate the bot.

An essential part of the WealthyBot review is a description of the critical features of the Forex robot. This information will help you to know in advance all the secrets of the bot and find ways to increase its efficiency.

Key features:

  1. They are starting capital. Trading with WealthyBot is paid for with credits. They are purchased for cryptocurrency, and the bot needs at least 30 units to start working. The trader will also need $150 or more as an exchange investment.
  2. Safety. WealthyBot developers have implemented a system with API keys to increase the security of financial transactions. They practically exclude access of unauthorized persons to your money and information about transactions.
  3. Used algorithms. While analyzing a particular transaction, the bot simultaneously uses several complex algorithms. They help him determine the feasibility of selling or buying cryptocurrency at a specific time. Due to this feature, only those transactions are opened, and the probability of successful completion is high.
  4. Simulator testing. The developers allow each trader to evaluate the bot's capabilities before replenishing the account with real money. To do this, just run a test simulator and look at the dynamics of changes in the virtual version. Testing is free of charge, so users do not lose money on it.
  5. Withdrawal of funds. An essential feature of WealthyBot is the lack of the possibility of direct withdrawal of earned funds. This is due to the unwillingness of developers to carry out these operations. In this case, money can be withdrawn through a particular exchange account.
  6. Interface language. The developers did not provide users with the choice of language. By default, the bot interface uses English. The lack of knowledge of this language creates specific difficulties for traders.
  7. Training. If you can’t figure out all the nuances of using the bot on your own, then you can use information from open sources or unique training materials from the developer of the trader’s robot. The second option is a priority, as the proposed lessons briefly cover all the main aspects of trading with WealthyBot.
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Such a famous robot trader as WealthyBot should not be ignored. This trading tool will be a good assistant for a beginner and an experienced user. With its help, it will be possible to automate the process of buying/serving cryptocurrency and minimize the risk of losing invested funds.


WealthyBot, like other similar assistants, will be helpful for traders. This is made possible due to several significant advantages that make it easy to trade cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the bot has practically no negative qualities. This makes it the most effective and popular among users.

Pros Cons
Work in automatic mode Minimum information about the developers
Ease of use Commission 20% of the profit
Free subscription
API key protection
Test simulator with a virtual account
Wide accessibility
The simplicity of the interface

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