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At the beginning of the 21st century, the popularity of Forex began to increase rapidly. In this regard, professional trader D. Miller decided to create his own Trend Signal company. It arose in 2003 and trained young people to work on Forex. The company was constantly expanding, inviting qualified specialists, and a few years after its foundation, it began to offer trading signals to clients.

Trend Signal is one of the most transparent providers. On her website, she publishes photos and names of leaders, as well as the most influential members of the team. The vendor also provides information about the office's location and contact information. This approach increases customer confidence, which positively affects the reputation of the Trend Signal brand. At the same time, the supplier's website does not say a single word about the cost of services and the number of tariff plans. You must go through the registration procedure to gain access to this information. This strangeness causes negative emotions in traders and forces some of them to look for alternative options.

Important nuances

Only a select few can predict the rise or fall in the prices of various assets. There are such people in the Trend Signal team. Thanks to their experience and extensive knowledge in the field of trading, the generated signals are highly accurate. To use them correctly, you must follow the procedure.


On the company's official website, click on "Book Free Webinar.» In the window that opens, fill in the fields with personal information. These actions provide an opportunity to sign up for a free webinar at the same time and tell Trend Signal that you want to work with them.

  1. You will be sent a login and password to enter your account after that.
  2. Using the received data, go to your account.
  3. Choose the best tariff plan and pay for services. If you wish, you can purchase the supply of trading signals and sign up for paid courses on various Forex topics.
  4. Determine the priority communication channel where signals will be received.
  5. Copy them and use them on your marketplace.

Market Trend Signal review will not be good enough if it lacks information that only some users know about. This data will allow you to better understand the critical aspects of cooperation with the company and determine the appropriateness of using its signals.

Important features:

Support The company's customers can count on 24/7 support. To contact Trend Signal representatives, you can use the phone, email, social networks, and instant messengers. You can also fill out a form on the website and send your application to the company. It will be reviewed as soon as possible.
Training It is the company's main specialization, so a wide variety of courses, webinars, and simple text files with valuable information are available to customers. All this information will speed up mastering the basics of working on Forex and help you get your first profit faster. Educational materials are offered at a relatively low cost. It is incommensurable with the benefit received by the trader. Trend Signal also has free content, but it can hardly be called practical.
Win rate The number of successful transactions made with the help of the company's signals is not disclosed. Trend Signal does not indicate this information anywhere, so we can only guess about the hints' effectiveness. Do not clarify the situation and user reviews. Some signals help in 70-75% of cases, others - in 50-60%, and the third - only in 30-40%.
Guarantees Trend Signal makes little mention of this critical aspect. Only one of the sections of the site says that users have the opportunity to return the funds spent within 14 days from the date of payment. However, this requires that the situation meet certain conditions. The latter is not spelled out in the instructions, so the probability of a return is relatively low. At the same time, the company guarantees traders a regular supply of signals and access to a large amount of helpful information.
Activity The company has accounts on four popular social networks. She also owns a YouTube channel. She is active in all cases, constantly adding new information, photos, and videos. Also, social networks are often used to communicate with customers and answer their questions.
Risks A separate section on the company's website is dedicated to this issue. It describes in detail all the dangers of the user and the company's actions in case of disputes. Summarizing this information, we can conclude that Trend Signal fully disclaims responsibility for user actions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Most companies involved in creating Forex signals are secretive in their activities. In this regard, any leaked information becomes a real treasure. Data on the pros/cons of the supplier and his tools is of particular value.

Exchanges Supported
Customer Support

Important advantages:

Pros Cons
Availability of information about managers No data on the cost of services
Detailed contact details Lack of a money back guarantees
Variety of services provided No online chat
A large number of users
19 years of experience
Various courses for beginners
Convenient site
Many ways to get advice
Many awards
A detailed history of the company

The Forex signals provider provides only high-quality tools with the catchy name Trend Signal. His team does a good job and offers many tips. By putting them into practice, a trader can count on a decent profit and a positive charge from the process of obtaining them.

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