How does TechBerry work?

TechBerry was founded in 2015. At that time, the platform was just another newcomer to the Forex world, and even then, it was considered one of the most promising. After almost eight years, TechBerry has met all the expectations of specialists and has become a true leader in its field. Today, it was the first to fully implement artificial intelligence, revolutionizing automated trading. Its capabilities allow you to predict future events and enter only into those transactions that can bring good profits.

Automation of the trading process has been introduced previously. It is also found on other platforms, while only TechBerry makes it possible to get a high percentage of income in reality, not in words. This is due to the neural algorithms used. They study the actions of many traders and collect information into a single array. Using it as a basis, artificial intelligence chooses the most suitable trading algorithm, considering the current market situation.

Working with TechBerry

Getting started with TechBerry is as simple as possible. All traders need to do is fill out the registration form, create a personal account, and purchase an annual subscription. The second option is a priority, allowing you a good passive income. After completing the above steps, you can immediately start trading manually or automatically.

For the comfortable work of customers, TechBerry has developed many tariffs, each of which has its own set of basic and additional features. After studying this information, everyone can choose the appropriate subscription option and earn. TechBerry has implemented a refund option in all its plans to increase trust in the platform. This ensures users against various financial losses and proves the need for cooperation with the company.

TechBerry is attentive to new clients and traders who have long ago made the platform their Forex partner. Especially for them, it became possible to integrate with such popular platforms as MT4 and MT5. This gives experienced traders a chance to maximize profits and increase worker comfort.

Client security

Customer safety is a priority for TechBerry, so the platform owners pay maximum attention to this issue. They constantly improve the protection of accounts, eliminating the possibility of their hacking. Thanks to this, all user data is securely stored on TechBerry servers and becomes inaccessible to fraudsters. Also, clients' money, which they put into their trading account, is safe.

TechBerry has been cooperating with dozens of regulators for a long time (FCA, FSA, FINRA, CFTC, CyCEC, BaFIN, and others). Most of them have a good reputation and are trusted by specialists. These companies monitor all financial transactions of TechBerry, which excludes the use of any illegal work methods. It is also important to note that the platform cooperates with many status brokers. All of the above makes TechBerry one of the most reliable and secure Forex trading services.

Why is TechBerry the most effective platform?

The effectiveness of TechBerry lies in the ability to introduce innovations into the platform quickly. This makes it possible always to be ahead of competitors and offer customers the most valuable opportunities. This approach allows you to achieve better Forex trading results and maximize the profit percentage. The possibility of using artificial intelligence influences the platform's effectiveness. It does not get nervous, does not get tired, and is not exposed to various external influences. Therefore, it always makes informed and carefully thought-out decisions. This reduces the number of errors to a minimum, which has a positive effect on profit growth.

Another factor that increases work efficiency is the possibility of conducting high-quality analytical work. It gives traders much helpful information, which becomes the basis for building an effective trading strategy and making the right decisions.

Tariffs for investors

Every trader can become a full-fledged member of the TechBerry family. To do this, it must choose one of the seven available tariffs. All of them are very different from one another, so there will be something to choose from. When exploring subscription options, you should first pay attention to the minimum deposit size. It varies from $1,000 to $500,000, which must be deposited into the account to activate the tariff. The following parameter that affects a trader's choice is the subscription cost. It is only $9-499 per year. According to this indicator, TechBerry is ahead of most competitors and makes social trading accessible.

All tariffs available to platform customers include a commission charged on the profit received by the user. It is equal to 15% -50%. The minimum value is available in the most expensive subscription option, and the maximum is available in the cheapest option. The amount of money returned to the client in case of unforeseen financial losses is also displayed as a percentage. Depending on the tariff, this figure is 40% -100%. The list of additional options at TechBerry is also quite comprehensive. The more expensive the subscription, the more opportunities will become available to the trader. There is also a free trial tariff on the platform, the validity of which is limited to 14 days.


The main difference between TechBerry and other platforms is its many advantages. They are often the reason why traders choose TechBerry over its competitors. The platform also has several disadvantages. They are minor and will be fixed in the future.

Pros Cons
popularity among traders access to integration with a limited number of platforms
account security excessive requirements for specific categories of clients
a high percentage of profit


TechBerry is rightfully called the best social trading platform. It has been a leader for many years and constantly improves its working methods. TechBerry has successfully combined the platform's initial capabilities and artificial intelligence. This combination has revolutionized trading by making profitable automated trading possible. The company continues developing the chosen direction, and many exciting things await traders ahead.

Easy to use and intuitive interface
Real-time market data and analysis
Automated trading strategies
Comprehensive technical indicators and charting tools
Risk management features

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