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BotCrypto review should start from the history of the bot. Botcrypto SAS launched it in 2017. For five years of successful operation, the bot has helped hundreds of thousands of traders to expand their trading opportunities and achieve a noticeable increase in profits.

The trading bot in question is perfect for retail traders. It is focused on trading various cryptocurrencies, and the world's popularity is growing yearly. BotCrypto is equipped with a visual editor. With its help, users can independently create bots with the desired set of characteristics and settings. This process requires specific skills but is still relatively simple. Thanks to this, the bot is suitable not only for professionals but also for novice traders.

Using BotCrypto involves the purchase of one of three packages. The simplest and cheapest is Bronze. It costs only 119.88 € per year, for which the trader gets access to an unlimited number of strategies, two automated bots, API keys, and several other valuable additions. Such a set makes the package ideal for a beginner. More advanced traders should take a closer look at the Silver package. It costs 359.88 € per year. During this period, five automated bots, API, unlimited strategies, notifications in Discord, Slack, and much more are available to the BotCrypto stunt client. If this is not enough, then the trader cannot do without the Gold package. You will have to pay 719.88 € per year for it. For this money, the user will have access to all the benefits of cheaper packages and an additional 15 bots. This option should be chosen only by professionals who will actively trade cryptocurrency and invest vast amounts of money in this business.

BotCrypto also has a free simulator. It allows traders to try the bot in advance and form their own opinion about its effectiveness. The simulator is provided without any payment and time limits.

Features of use

BotCrypto is in demand among traders with different levels of professionalism. Such popularity is due to the effectiveness of the bot and its ease of use. The entire operation process consists of several stages, which are not recommended to be skipped.

Bot steps:

  1. Create an account on the official website of the developer. To do this, perform a few standard actions, enter your e-mail, and select a memorable password. After that, confirm the desire to create an account.
  2. Log in to the newly created BotCrypto account and choose the best tariff package.
  3. Pay for the bot's services and start creating your trading strategy. First, select one available bot (the number depends on the chosen package) and copy the generated API key.
  4. On the platform of your choice, log in to your account and connect to the bot (using an API key).
  5. Launch a robot that starts performing financial transactions on behalf of the account owner.

The operation of a trader's bot requires specific knowledge about its features. This information is often hidden from the user so unpleasant surprises can await him after the start of work. To prevent this from happening, you need to study all the data about the bot in advance.

Work features:

  1. Payment. To start using the bot, you need to deposit a certain amount, which depends on the selected package. In all cases, users are offered the option of purchasing a monthly or annual subscription. The second option is a priority, allowing you to save 20%.
  2. Data encryption. BotCrypto developers ensured the security of user data through API keys. They are encrypted using the latest AES-256 system, which provides a secure connection to the exchanges. In addition, this encryption method eliminates the need for additional account protection from hacking.
  3. Deposit / Withdrawal of money. You can only fund your BotCrypto account using bank cards or PayPal. This process does not require commission payment, which is essential for small cash traders. At the same time, it is impossible to withdraw earned money directly from BotCrypto. To make a profit, you will have to use third-party resources.
  4. Communication with developers. There are several ways to contact the bot's creators to solve problems and get answers to various questions. The easiest option would be to use the chat installed on the developer's official website. An alternative would be to communicate by phone or via Twitter.
  5. Instructions for working with the bot. The creators of BotCrypto have their own Youtube channel. On it, you can find many lessons regarding not only the use of the bot but also trading, developing your strategies, and more. This information will be helpful for new clients and traders who have been working with the bot for a long time.
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Customer Support

Trading BotCrypto is a good assistant for traders who love to work with cryptocurrencies. It is straightforward to operate, so it suits people with different trading experiences. In addition, the bot is fully automated, which allows you to reduce the burden on the trader without losing financial benefits.

Most information about the capabilities of any bot can be obtained from the list of its pros and cons. BotCrypto was no exception. He has more positive qualities than negative ones. Thanks to this, this robot has remained at the top for more than five years and only increases the number of customers.


Most information about the capabilities of any bot can be obtained from the list of its pros and cons. BotCrypto was no exception. He has more positive qualities than negative ones. Thanks to this, this robot has remained at the top for more than five years and only increases the number of customers.

Pros Cons
Ease of setup No direct withdrawal of funds
Possibility to choose a tariff plan Overpriced package "Gold"
High level of security
Suitable for beginners and professionals
More than five years of work
The efficiency of the support service
The good reputation of developers
Much positive feedback

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