About M15 Signals

M15 is a famous vendor signals for Forex. It is popular with traders and has about 100 thousand clients (indicated on the web resource). At the same time, the vendor practically does not disclose information about itself. So one can only guess about the composition and professionalism of the team, as well as the legality of all M15 activities. The only thing that could be found was the place of registration of the company. It is the Italian city of Venice.

M15 indicates that its signals in 90% of cases allow you to make a profit on the exchange. However, even a beginner understands that this figure is greatly overestimated. In reality, traders talk about 50-60% of successful trades. 2-8 signals are available to clients per day. Most of them are sent during the daytime, so traders have the opportunity to respond to them quickly.

M15 users are offered only the Premium package. At the same time, it is divided into three tariff plans with very similar conditions. The only difference is the subscription duration, which is 1, 3, or 6 months. The first tariff is calculated for 30 days. It costs $60, for which a trader can enjoy all available privileges. The 3-month plan is priced at $120, and the 6-month program is priced at $190. It is not difficult to calculate that the longer the period, the lower the cost of services.

Important nuances

Signals from the M15 are delivered in a form that everyone can understand. Thanks to this, they are always easily transferred to the trading platform. The whole process, from registration to calculating the profit, consists of several stages, each of which involves the performance of specific manipulations.


  1. On the company's website, find the "Log In" inscription, fill out the form, and enter the account. If this is your first time on the official web resource, follow the "Sign Up" button on the registration page.
  2. Enter the required data (email, name, password) or create a personal account using Facebook.
  3. Afterward, determine the optimal tariff in the "Pricing" section. Here you will have three options with different subscription duration. The choice of one of them depends on the desire to cooperate with the company for a certain period.
  4. After paying for the package of services, you will receive a link to the channel in Telegram by e-mail. You will see much helpful information about transactions by clicking on it. Also, signals will be sent to this channel with an exact indication of the trader's actions. Their decryption does not require additional knowledge, so even beginners can handle this task.
  5. Then all that remains is to copy the settings and wait for the result of asset trading.

In our M15 Signals review, we will reveal some secrets of the company's work and help you understand its trading instruments' features. This information will be helpful to every trader who is going to cooperate with M15.

Important features:

Guarantees There is a warning on the M15 website that the user assumes all risks associated with using trading instruments. The company only delivers signals and does not force traders to use them.
Communication with clients The M15 team has provided various ways traders can contact company representatives. The most convenient is online chat. It can be found on any page of the site. An alternative to chat is a feedback form in which you must fill in several fields and enter your question. Communication is also available through social networks and Telegram.
Discounts For traders who want to cooperate with M15 for a long time, there are good discounts on service packages. The most significant savings will be paying the “Premium” tariff for six months. In this case, you will be able to get a discount of about 50%.
Additional information The company does not provide traders with other data that could be used to analyze the situation on the market. The only thing available to customers is the FAQ section, with many answers to popular questions.
Trading assets M15 provides signals for 29 currencies and non-ferrous metals. This is a relatively large number compared to other similar vendors. At the same time, signals are most often received for trading in demanded assets such as USD and EUR.
Commissions The supplier does not charge any additional fees. This applies to cases of payment for tariff plans for any of the stipulated periods. Also, M15 does not require the cost of a percentage of the trader's profit.

Advantages and disadvantages

All M15 Signals reviews spell out the company's advantages and disadvantages. In our description, we have put together all the positive and negative aspects, giving a complete picture of the company's activities and the quality of its tools.

Exchanges Supported
Customer Support
Pros Cons
Ease of use of tools Insufficient information about the company
Free signal testing No information about potential risks
Several options for tariff plans
Receipt of signals on Telegram
High signal accuracy
Adequate prices
Many ways to contact the company
Absence of additional commissions
A large number of clients
The applicable FAQ section on the site

You need to use M15 Signals Forex to forget significant financial losses forever. These tools for working on the stock exchange will be a crucial success factor and help you achieve your goal. Using them correctly will take you from a novice to a professional who invests in the most profitable deals.

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